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Electric Car Conversion Kits

With the rising fuel prices, many car owners are getting their cars converted into electric vehicles. With an electric car kit, they have found a cheaper alternative to the gasoline based cars. Electric cars are definitely an environment friendly alternative to the gasoline powered cars. The conversion of the car using an electric kit will not at all change its exterior appearance.

The electric vehicles were amongst the first automobiles which dominated the road years ago. These cars are once again gaining popularity in the auto industry. Many automobile companies are launching such green vehicles with electric car engines. Buying these high-priced electric cars might not be a feasible option for everyone. But for the ones who already own a car, the conversion kits are surely a good option.

Electric Car Conversion Kits

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A conversion kit will basically convert the regular car which is powered by gasoline into an electric car. An electric car essentially works on electric motor and a controller that powers the motor. The kit typically consists of components:

  • DC Electric Motor
  • Electric Controller
  • Shaft Coupler
  • Throttle Box
  • Adapter Plate
  • The cost for the entire conversion and setting up this kit is less costly, unlike the popular belief of it being costly. The kits are not much high-tech. They are available in ‘do-it-yourself’ form as well. The step-by-step installation guide is available with every such ‘do-it-yourself’ kit that will help in converting the car into an electric vehicle. However, professional help is also available for the same.